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Scholarly Editing: The Annual of the Association for Documentary Editing is a peer-reviewed, open-access journal for the advancement and promotion of editorial theory, practice, and pedagogy. Revived in 2020, the journal was edited by Amanda Gailey and Andrew Jewell from 2012 to 2017. From 1979 to 2012, the Association for Documentary Editing published the journal's predecessor, Documentary Editing, a print publication that evolved from a newsletter format to a quarterly and then annual journal.

The editors in chief of Scholarly Editing invite essays, reviews of print and digital editions, and small-scale editions of understudied authors and texts that reflect our diverse and multifaceted cultural heritage.

The journal intends to represent contributions from all countries and cultures, across disciplines and from outside the academy, including but not restricted to educators, community groups, local genealogists, families seeking ancestors, researchers, scholars, historians, archivists, curators, editors, information professionals, students, and digital humanists. We particularly welcome contributions from and about Black, Latinx, and Indigenous peoples; Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders, women, LGBTQ+, and people and cultures of the Global South.


The editors welcome essays on the theory, practice and pedagogy of scholarly editing as well as reviews of print and digital editions.

Micro Editions

The editors seek to make Scholarly Editing a home for small-scale editions of interesting and understudied texts so that they may reach a wide audience. We offer a venue to publish carefully edited texts that will enrich the digital records of our diverse and multifaceted cultural heritage.

Editorial Board

Noelle A. Baker and Kathryn Tomasek, Co-Editors in Chief

Robert Riter, Managing Editor

Ross Tangedal, Essays Editor

Katie Blizzard, Assistant Essays Editor

Eric Lamore, Pedagogy Editor

Christopher Minty, Reviews Editor

Raffaele Viglianti, Technical Editor

Rocío Méndez, Assistant Technical Editor

Lona Dearmont, Copy Editor

Advisory Board

Heather Bamford, George Washington University

Dale S. Brenneman, University of Arizona; Office of Ethnohistorical Research, Arizona State Museum

Erica Cavanaugh, University of Virginia

Mark Cheathem, Cumberland University; Papers of Martin Van Buren

Thomas Coens, University of Tennessee; Papers of Andrew Jackson

A. E. B. Coldiron, Krafft Professor, Florida State University; Honorary Professor, University of St Andrews (UK)

James Cummings, Newcastle University

Jessica DeSpain, Southern Illinois University Edwardsville; Co-Director of SIUE’s IRIS Center

Amy E. Earhart, Texas A&M University

Tom Elliott, New York University; Institute for the Study of the Ancient World

Amanda Gailey, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Co-Editor, Scholarly Editing (2012-2017)

Silvia Glick, Harvard Law School; Negotiation Journal; Howard Thurman Papers Project

Robb Haberman, Columbia University; John Jay Papers

Katherine D. Harris, San José State University; Co-editor, Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities

Andrew Jewell, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Willa Cather Archive; Co-Editor, Scholarly Editing (2012-2017)

Patricia Larson Kalayjian, California State University, Dominguez Hills; Letters of American Author Catharine Maria Sedgwick (1789-1867): An Online Edition

Verna Kale, The Pennsylvania State University; The Hemingway Letters Project

Bob Karachuk, University of Mary Washington; Papers of James Monroe

Sara Martin, Massachusetts Historical Society; The Adams Papers

Kenneth M. Price, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; The Walt Whitman Archive; The Charles Chesnutt Digital Archive

Wesley Raabe, Kent State University; Textual Editor, The Collected Works of Harriet Beecher Stowe

David Ramsey, University of West Florida; Papers of Roger Brooke Taney

Gimena del Rio Riande, CONICET

Roopika Risam, Salem State University

Jennifer Stertzer, University of Virginia; Director, Center for Digital Editing; Director, Washington Papers

Nikolaus Wasmoen, University of Buffalo

Adrian S. Wisnicki, University of Nebraska-Lincoln; Director, Livingstone Online

Greg W. Zacharias, Creighton University; Center for Henry James Studies

Last updated: 9 July 2021